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Semi-aged gourmet cheese with Pistachio di Bronte DOP

Ingredients 100% pasteurized sheep's milk; rennet in lamb paste; enzymes; PISTACHIO FROM BRONTE DOP; dry salting; How it looks Ivory white compact paste flavored with the presence of thyme tops dried in the sun of the islands allergenic Milk storage + 6 ° C / + 10 ° C Shelf life: 180 days Whole form Diameter: 20cm Barefoot: 12 / 14cm Max weight: 3...
Sicilian Primo Sale Cheese with black pepper 500gr

Sicilian Primo Sale Cheese with 1kg black pepper The Sicilian Primo Sale is produced with pasteurized sheep's milk. After about 2 days from production it is put in brine for 48 hours and then dried for about 20 days and finally packaged. The Sicilian Primo Sale is ideal for tasty appetizers or cheerful aperitifs.