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The best Italian Sicilian food and beverage online

Insicilia, is not only a online store of typical and traditional 100% Sicilian Gourmet Food. Italian excellent food and wine of the Sicilian traditional recipes. InSicilia is an online shop of typical Sicilian food that consortium almost 50 quality Sicilian companies , which produce more than 2500 products of Italian Sicilian recipes.

InSicilia is more than an international ecommerce, an online store where you can buy traditional Sicilian food and typical drinks, homemade pasta, Sicilian wine or craft beer, but also sauces, sauces, condiments , in oil, liqueurs, pistachio, almonds and dried fruit or typical sweets.

 InSicilia is a project to promote and export food and drink made in Sicily in all those territories in the world that require it.

Sale online typical Sicilian products

InSicilia is a natural consortium of companies that wants to spread the Made in Sicily (and therefore the made in Italy), in the world by promoting knowledge and export of high quality Sicilian food and wine products such as Sicilian pistachio, almond, tomato, olive oil, homemade pasta made with Sicilian grains, sweets from oranges, lemons and mandarins but also all those products such as preserves, pates, creams, spices or condiments that enrich any typical Sicilian recipe and can be defined as the Sicilian Earth Delights . We think of the Aubergines with the traditional Sicilian caponata , but also of the typical sauces with artichokes, Sicilian capers, olives, peppers in oil.

The companies that are part of InSicilia are aimed at all those, Italians or foreigners, companies or consumers, importers or Italian associations abroad who are interested in buying typical Sicilian top food, who want to bring in their land fragrances and traditional and original flavors of Sicily.


Sale online typical Sicilian products

Buy typical Sicilian products online

Insicilia is a Sicilian company that deals with Food Groupage of Sicilian products. Founded by three friends who are experts in marketing, IT and communication as well as import and export of food products and excellence of the Sicilian territory, Insicilia aggregates Sicilian producers whose products can be purchased both online and in a traditional manner.

Our goal is to best satisfy our customers' needs by offering them the best Sicilian products on the market and allowing the diffusion of Made in Sicily.

We are in fact involved in selecting and exporting food products destined for the horeca sector throughout Europe and the world, to restaurants, shops selling typical products, gastronomy and small and medium distribution. An offer of more than 500 products and typical products. We entrust transport to the best couriers and also manage the transport of temperature-controlled items such as arancini, cannolo or cassate, all of which are traditional Sicilian food and wine desserts.

Online sale of typical Sicilian products

We take care to follow the companies that sell on InSicilia in the IMPORT and EXPORT of their products, defining the reference sector: from large-scale distribution to catering sector to that of retail trade.

InSicilia sells online, but also follows traditional sales and export processes, offering support to companies, through international partners. The products you can buy on InSicilia are produced exclusively by Sicilian companies and are wine, pasta, preserves, oil, craft beer, jams, honey, dried fruit, typical Sicilian sweets, gluten-free products organic and vegan who want to sell online and turn to international markets.


Online sale of typical Sicilian products for chef

Export of typical Sicilian products

Insicilia is in charge of selecting and exporting a wide range of food products, Sicilian excellences destined for restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, catering companies and anyone involved in the catering sector. We bring even the best Sicilian typical products made with some of the most representative Sicilian traditional recipes to the tables of private individuals. Also allowing individuals to order directly online at

We carry Sicilian Made in Italy products around the world , also coming to Italian communities abroad and allowing them to buy genuine traditional products.

We offer products from almost 50 top quality companies and we work with partners from all over the world interested in top Sicilian products.

Our customers will be able to order custom-made, directly online, or via whatsapp or wechat the customized goods, without quantity limits and with an agreed delivery time.

We ship products and we are present with supplies in countries like USA, Canada, Russia, England, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Holland and we are constantly looking for new markets to let people know about Sicilian Made in Italy.

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The INSICILIA brand is owned by INSOLITI SRL which aims to promote the wonders of the Sicilian territory abroad to promote knowledge and appreciate its goodness. If you think your company could represent a Sicilian production excellence contact us to enter InSicilia