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Pesto of Pistachio of Bronte - Sicilian Gourmet Food jar of 90g

Pistachio Pesto of Bronte D.O.P. Ideal for seasoning first courses or enriching second courses and side dishes - 90 gr This pesto made exclusively with pistachio from the famous Sicilian town home to the pistachio called Bronte. Presents a concentration of pistachio 70% It is a product that will leave all good cheesemakers breathless. Its cost, high compared to other products is...
1 Liter Almond Milk Brick

Almond Milk 1 L. Almond Milk 1L, made from Sicilian almonds, to refresh your afternoons Hottest, 100% vegetable.
Sicilian Pistachio Pesto 90 g

Pistachio pesto, jar of 200g , great to season your first, and complement other dishes. You may use and eat it in to the pasta and Italian Bruschetta