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Patè of Eggplant 180 g

Eggplant pâté, excellent to be served on croutons for delicious appetizers.
Piccadilly tomato basil sauce 290gr

This preserve represents the tradition and genuineness of Sicilian sauces. Tomato, enriched with fresh basil, becomes an enveloping sauce for all types of pasta, for simple and tasty first courses. To feel at home with your grandmother.   Ingredients Piccadilly tomato, extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar, basil, salt.  
Sicilian Canazzo of seasonal vegetables 290 g

290 gr jar of Sicilian Canazzo.  Canazzo , preparede dish with vegetables and seasonal vegetables. Ideal as a side dish or as a single meal, which should be eaten cold. Naturally preserved with vinegar and enriched with mint leaves,  to refresh the memory of our Sicily.

Melanzana grigliata/Grilled aubergine Peperoni grigliati/Grilled peppers Pomodori/Tomatoes Capperi di Pantelleria/Capers from Pantelleria Olive/Olives Sedano/Celery Peperoncino/Chili pepper Olio/Oil Aceto/White vinegar
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Bottarga of tuna in bag vacuum 140g

Bottarga di Tuna, excellent to serve as an appetizer, preferably cut into slices, or as a condiment for pasta dishes, to be grated over as cheese. What is fish Bottarga? The bottarga is a typical Sicilian traditional food product made from mullet roe (also called Cefalo) or tuna, salted and dried in the ovarian sac. It is an old method of preparation of more than 3000 years, known by...