Wild Fennel

Vendita online Finocchietto Selvatico Siciliano per ricette siciliane della tradizionePATE ', PESTI AND SICILIAN WILD FENNEL OIL

Insicilia.com offers a selection of traditional Sicilian preserves prepared with Sicilian fennel. Wondering where to buy a pesto or a fennel pate? Do you want to taste fennel in oil? Or prepare the best recipes to make such as the famous pasta with sardines and fennel?

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Pesto of fresh wild fennel pesto, 190g jar

Fresh wild fennel pesto, 190 jar Chef's advice: Prepare some fillets of sardines, put in a pan a spoon of extra virgin olive oil, brown and add the fillets of sardines, some tomatoes and finally the fennel pesto. Typical Sicilian recipe of Ancient Sicily
Rosolio al Finocchietto Selvatico 50cl

Rosolio al Finocchietto Selvatico 50cl This rosolio is made depending on an ancient, traditional recipe immersing wild fennel plants in absolute alcohol. Thanks to the traditional procedure, the rosolio preserves all aromatic and digestive qualities of this plant. To be served chilled as dessert. Ingredients: Pure hydrated Alcohol, sugar, infusion of wilde fennel, natural aromas...
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