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Patè of Eggplant 180 g

Eggplant pâté, excellent to be served on croutons for delicious appetizers.
Dry cherry tomatoes 250 gr

Pomodoro Ciliegino secco, ideale per antipasti, preparazione di primi piatti o come contorno per secondi piatti.
Pesto of fresh wild fennel pesto, 190g jar

Fresh wild fennel pesto, 190 jar Chef's advice: Prepare some fillets of sardines, put in a pan a spoon of extra virgin olive oil, brown and add the fillets of sardines, some tomatoes and finally the fennel pesto. Typical Sicilian recipe of Ancient Sicily
Piccadilly tomato basil sauce 290gr

This preserve represents the tradition and genuineness of Sicilian sauces. Tomato, enriched with fresh basil, becomes an enveloping sauce for all types of pasta, for simple and tasty first courses. To feel at home with your grandmother.   Ingredients Piccadilly tomato, extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar, basil, salt.  
Sicilian Canazzo of seasonal vegetables 290 g

290 gr jar of Sicilian Canazzo.  Canazzo , preparede dish with vegetables and seasonal vegetables. Ideal as a side dish or as a single meal, which should be eaten cold. Naturally preserved with vinegar and enriched with mint leaves,  to refresh the memory of our Sicily.
Dry cherry tomatoes 100 gr

Pomodoro Ciliegino secco, ideale per antipasti, preparazione di primi piatti o come contorno per secondi piatti.
Chili Pepper cream 220gr

Crema di Peperoncino, ideale per condire primi piatti a base di carne o pesce o su crostini di pane per arricchire sfiziosi antipasti.

Caponata di melanzane in aceto balsamico, ideale per realizzare deliziosi antipasti e per guarnire secondi piatti a base di carne e di pesce.
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Rosolio al Finocchietto Selvatico 50cl

Rosolio al Finocchietto Selvatico 50cl This rosolio is made depending on an ancient, traditional recipe immersing wild fennel plants in absolute alcohol. Thanks to the traditional procedure, the rosolio preserves all aromatic and digestive qualities of this plant. To be served chilled as dessert. Ingredients: Pure hydrated Alcohol, sugar, infusion of wilde fennel, natural aromas...
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Sicilian Peperonata Cream traditional recipe 190g jar

1kg jar of Sicilian Caponata. The "caponata" in ancient times indicated the company that the women gave their husbands capone fishermen, Sicilian name of Lampuga, a fish of the tuna family, sought after for its fine meats and served with the sweet and sour sauce of the caponata. But because the poor could not afford the fish, they replaced it with aubergines. The Caponata Siciliana is a...
Capers in salt with Sicilian salt in a 200g bag

Capers in salt with Sicilian salt in a 180g bag Sicilian caper under salt in 180g bags. A typical and traditional product of the tradition. One of the most popular Sicilian products in the world! Discover the Sicilian caper of Agripantel grown and harvested in the Archaeological Park of Selinunte-Cave of Cusa. The Sicilian caper grows spontaneously on calcareous soils, a stone that was...

Melanzana grigliata/Grilled aubergine Peperoni grigliati/Grilled peppers Pomodori/Tomatoes Capperi di Pantelleria/Capers from Pantelleria Olive/Olives Sedano/Celery Peperoncino/Chili pepper Olio/Oil Aceto/White vinegar
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