Mandarin or Lemon liquor

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Artisan Limoncello of Sicily bott. 70 cl

MANNOLU ROYAL liqueur Bitter / Aperitif with Manna and orange of Sicily The MANNOLU ROYAL is a bitter (Alc.12% Vol.) It has a natural red color and is handcrafted and totally natural with a mixture of aromatic / medicinal herbs, roots, red oranges of Sicily and natural manna , pure and original, gathered by incision of ash trees in the area of Pollina / Castelbuono / Cefalu (Manna from...
50cl Liquor of Lemon of Sicily "Limoncello"

Limoncello di Sicilia 50cl, Alc. 32% The most typical liqueur of our beautiful Sicilian land, produced by Distilleria F.lli Russo in Santa Venerina in the province of Catania, is definitely Limoncello di Sicilia. Our land is generous and offers us fresh lemons all year round, in fact we have four lemon productions including the "green" and the prime. In addition, our lemons, which come...
The Mandarinetto. Tangerine liqueur of Sicily 50cl bottle

The tangerine, typical Sicilian fruit and known all over the world for its intensive fragrance, is the main ingredient of this excellent liqueur. The tangerines are peeled by hand in order to preserve their aroma, then immersed in alcohol for some days. Afterwards it is filtered and mixed with water and sugar in order to obtain a liqueur with an alcoholic strength of 32°. Its colour is...
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