Export prodotti tipici Siciliani

Export of Italian Sicilian Food and Wine

INSICILIA is the brand that presents a varied offer of Sicilian products and deals with the export and distribution of Sicilian products both in Italy and abroad.

The sales and promotion actions are completed by an international e-commerce that deals with the sale of typical Sicilian food and drinks. To become part of our sales platform it is necessary to send an email to info@insicilia.com

INSICILIA is therefore a showcase of products to bring international buyers, distribution, restaurants and hotels closer together, as well as a web e-commerce dedicated to b2b and consumer sales. The typical products presented represent Sicilian producers in a "multi-mandate" dimension and promote the spread of Made in Sicily in the world.

The portal and its catalog have been designed and implemented in two intense years of work aimed at creating international partnerships with buyers and companies and to offer an international showcase suitable for companies.

Companies that enter insicilia.com and are entitled to a showcase of sales, do not face any costs to be part of the platform and will give permission to be represented at national and international level to possible buyers of interest.

 The companies are chosen according to specific qualitative and commercial criteria, aimed at responding to the international sales and purchase needs of drinks and food. The selection criteria for companies are:

• Sicilian typicality of production;

• High production capacity of the company;

• Sicilian production facilities;

• Availability by companies for international online sales;

• Logistic organization consistent with the international food and beverage markets;

• Long-term storage capacity and readiness to change conservation criteria and concentrations of preservatives or product ingredients to ensure emerging market standards and customs clearance.

• Availability by the company that can not fully process the quantities of products required by the international market to integrate the missing product with products from other companies (including competitors);

• Catalogs and prices with annual evaluation with adequate discounts;

Companies that can not guarantee significant quantities of production must produce typical Sicilian products with a very high international value, which make the product highly attractive for markets, especially those from abroad.

Today the e-commerce insicilia.com is online with 400 products and the corresponding catalog offers more than 2000 products supplied by forty Sicilian companies. Insicilia thanks to the commercial agreements with the shippers it is in condition to bring the Sicilian products all over the world.