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Vendita online spezie biologiche siciliane e sale marino di sicilia


In this category of there is a selection of Mediterranean spices typical of the different territories of Sicily. Rosemary, Oregano, Fennel, Nepetella, Marjoram, Sage, chosen by to prepare the best recipes of the Sicilian tradition and relive the tastes and flavors of Sicily. With these spices you can prepare lunches, dinners and snacks that will make your table unique. Here's how to impress your guests!

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Sicilian wild fennel seeds 40g

Organic Sage Sicilian natural, ideal for garnish in the second dishes in jar of 50 gr. This product is dried and ground. The jar that contains this delicious spice typical of the Mediterranean is made of soft plastic to facilitate shipping and safeguarding the product.
Sicilian Origan in 50grr

Natural organic oregano, ideal for preparing Mediterranean first and second courses. This product is sold in 50g plastic jars to facilitate easy transport. Suitable for chefs and demanding cooks. Oregano produced by Aldo Aimo is a product of Sicilian excellence, 100% Organic. and ideal for making the best traditional Sicilian recipes. Oregano with its intense and unique aroma is one of...