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Artisan Limoncello of Sicily bott. 70 cl

MANNOLU ROYAL liqueur Bitter / Aperitif with Manna and orange of Sicily The MANNOLU ROYAL is a bitter (Alc.12% Vol.) It has a natural red color and is handcrafted and totally natural with a mixture of aromatic / medicinal herbs, roots, red oranges of Sicily and natural manna , pure and original, gathered by incision of ash trees in the area of Pollina / Castelbuono / Cefalu (Manna from...
Traditional Sicilian straw bag Basket with Gourmet Food named Cariddi

A gift basket of traditional Sicilian sweets. 250g Almond Pastries (choice between classic, lemon and orange), a 120g Almond Crunchy pack, two 140g nougat packs with g pistachio and almond, a Sicilian pistachio sweet cream of 90g. An artisan chocolate panettone made in the old way by Di Stefano in an elegant metal tin with Sicilian motifs. A couple of special liqueurs concludes this...
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Traditional Sicilian straw bag Basket with Gourmet Food named Colapesce

With Insicilia's Colapesce Gift Basket you can buy or give away a selection of traditional Sicilian products. Wholemeal spaghetti of the Pastificio Lenicolo di Caltagiore, made with only Sicilian wheat, a jar of 35g of Tuna bottarga. 220g swordfish cream and a 220g jar of Red Tuna in olive oil from Campisi Conserve di Marzamemi. All the products are inserted in an elegant hand-made...
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Flour from Ancient Sicilian Grains - Korhasan of Sicilia Bio 1Kg - Molini Riggi

Triticum turanicum, the scientific name of the plant, like spelled, is an ancestor of today's wheat. Since it has not undergone the crossings and alterations of modern grains, it is regaining the place it deserves in the modern diet. Its origins are traced back to the Middle Eastern area. AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES (Per 100 g of product) Energy: 1430 kJ / 342 kcal | Total...